23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:01

Closed Belarus. Experience of Ukrainian blacklisted student

A Ukrainian student, who studied  in the US, found himself in the list of people banned from entering Belarus.

Vitaly Moroz described his trip on the website Grassglobal.com on January 3.

“The night on the train No. 86 from Kyiv to Minsk ended unexpectedly for me.

'Entry denied' – this was a verdict of a young Belarusian border guard, who checked my passport on the Belarusian border. It was rather difficult to buy a ticket to Belarus to visit my relatives in Minsk on New Year's Eve. I have been studying in the US for the last four months. I planned the trip yet in summer. It seems I forgot the inhuman reality of dictatorships.

I don't believe the situation for the first ten minutes. I say dozens of reasons why I should be on the central railway station in the Belarusian capital in the morning. 'I repeat again that you don't go to Minsk. We don't know the reason,' the voice of the Belarusian border guard makes me wake up completely.

At 2 a.m. on January 2, I find myself at the station of Terekhovka, the border checkpoint in Belarus. I console myself with the thought that I am not the first person who ends his trip from Kyiv to Minsk by getting off the warm train on a frosty night without any explanations. Unofficially, the blacklists of the Belarusian authorities contain up to 100,000 names of ordinary people. The existence of blacklists is not discussed in Belarus officially.”