20 January 2018, Saturday, 14:21

Workers of Brest Carpets enterprise broke through to Siamashka


The weavers unhappy with their salaries managed to express their complaints to the vice Premier Minister.

Uladzimir Siamashka had to enter the enterprise not through the main entrance because of the spontaneous meeting, Salidarnasc reports.

One of the participants of the spontaneous meeting Galina Marchuk told about what happened on Saturday 5 January at the enterprise:

“We managed to meet him. The director said that Siamashka did not want to talk to us. They lied, they said he was here. And then they call from a workshop and said that he was walking there. The security did not let us in. But be broke through and ran. We came out near the weaving workshop. We thought the director would die when he saw us. And Siamashka screamed – he did not think we would break through. He waved his hand, screamed…”

He also tried to make a joke out of it, saying “why are you complaining about the director, he is good”, Galina Marchuk says. But the workers proved that the conveyor had not been working for 9 months.

According to Marchuk, the director Leanid Shaukovy promised to ensure the full employment of the workers in January and February and the financial director spoke about the salary of 3-3.5 million instead of the current 300-400 thousand. The first vice Prime Minister promised to come over in March and fire the director of the Brest Carpets if promised are not kept.

We would remind that the workers of the enterprise met the officials from Minsk on Saturday with a spontaneous meeting cause by low salaries.