17 January 2018, Wednesday, 13:58

Lukashenka’s web-site will be upgraded for $300 000


They are planning to launch the new web-site of the Belarusian ruler already in spring.

2 billion 600 million roubles were spent on its creation. The respective decree No577 “About specifying certain indicators of the Republic’s budget for 2012” Lukashenka signed on 29 December.

“To allocate from the Republic’s budget”:

3.1. “to allocate 2 600 000 thousand roubles to the Ministry of Communication and Informatization at the expense of the assets of the reserve fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Including 2 455 000 thousand roubles in 2012, 145 000 thousand roubles in 2013 for financing the works on the creation of a new web-site of the president of the Republic of Belarus”, - the document says.

As they told Euroradio at the Ministry of Communication, only Belarusian specialists work on the new web-site. It will be ready in spring this year.

“According to the project it must be ready in the first quarter. This means that either in May or in April it must be active”, - they said at the Ministry.