16 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:28

Aleg Alkaeu: Lukashenka established his personal control over Sheiman

Viktar Sheiman will now be working under the dictator’s supervision.

A simple explanation may be given to today’s personnel rearrangements in Lukashenka’s surrounding.  The former head of the Minsk’s jail No1 and the author of the “Firing squad” book Aleg Alkaeu told about that in an interview to the charter97.org web-site.

“So far it is too early to tell whether Sheiman’s appointment is a promotion or demotion – it depends on which issues exactly he will be responsible for in the new position. Another thing is more important now – Sheiman started working under direct Lukashenka’s control and supervision in the same building with him. Putting it simpler, the ruler brings him closer to himself so he does not run away”, - Aleg Alkaeu said.

In his opinion, Lukashenka has got seriously worried about the possibility of the activation of the international investigation of the cases of the disappeared politicians. Viktar Sheiman is one of the suspects of murdering them.

“The time will come, when they will all have to defend themselves, prove that they were only executors of someone else’s will. That is why Lukashenka is concerned over their escape”, - Aleg Alkaeu stated.

We would remind that Lukashenka appointed Viktar Sheiman his aide on special tasks today.

At the same time the ruler freed him from the position of an aide on special errands in the structure of the State Secretariat of the Belarus’ Security Council.

Viktar Sheiman is one of the people whom the international community suspects of kidnapping and murdering Belarusian opposition leaders and remains one of the people closest to the dictator.