21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:39

Dzmitry Aleksin, Chizh's authorised representative, arrested?

A person, who was used by Belarusian oligarch Yuri Chizh for masking his business empire, has been arrested.

Charter97.org learnt it from a source close to the “family” oligarch.

The source says the arrest is linked to the recent arrest of Uladzimir Voukau, a deputy director of Belneftekhim company.

Dzmitry Aleksin, who prefers to avoid publicity, is only known as a person who became a formal owner of some Yury Chizh's assets in the EU after imposing sanctions on the oligarch having close ties with Lukashenka's family. Assets of Neonafta company in Latvia were given to Dzmitry Aleksin (40%), Inna Aleksina (40%) and well-known Daugavpils businessman Aleksandr Grakhovsky (20%). Aleksins are also co-owners of biofuel producer Mamas D and Latgales Alus D brewery. Aleksins, mother and son, ran Siabry restaurant owned by Chizh.

The Belarusian Investigation Committee reported on October 8 that a probe was launched against a deputy director of Belneftekhim company on suspicion of accepting a bribe. The sum of the bribe the official received since February till October was $19,000. According to later reports, the arrested official was Uladzimir Voukau.

Oligarch Chizh's core business has a direct relation to oil processing. He is said to be among the main recipients of super profit from smuggling the so called solvents and thinners in 2011-2012.


Photo: a screenshot of the music video by Tyani-Tolkai group. Dzmitry Aleksin sponsored the video and played the leading role.