26 September 2017, Tuesday, 13:50

“Idler tax” will be introduced in a year?


The idea of the authorities to introduce a tax for the people, who do not officially work, is close to being implemented.

The information comes from the Belarusian Partisan, who got a draft decree by Lukashenka in their disposal, as well as a draft of a government’s resolution and a decision by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

According to the documents, which the Belarusian Partisan got in its disposal, the authorities intend to introduce another fee on the population on 1 January 2015.

A draft decree “On certain measures regarding the participation of citizens in funding the state’s expenses” has already been prepared, as well as a draft law “On the procedure of cooperation between public authorities offices and other concerned organizations for providing for the participation of citizens in financing state expenses in accordance with the president’s decree”, and a rationale document, prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The rationale document was signed by the deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security Piotr Hrushnik, who had already officially explained the sense of the new tax.

It is expected that a data base of all the residents of the Republic of Belarus in the age from 18 to 55 (women) and 60 (men). The Ministry of Internal Affairs has been tasked with creating the data base. All the Belarusians, who do not have an official employment will be included in the data base.

The amount of the tax has also been preliminary defined. The tax will have to be paid in the amount of 20 basic units (to be reconsidered annually) by 1 June.

Citizens will be held responsible for not paying the tax, according to the existing legislation on tax evasion.

Collection of the information, its storage and use will be done without the consent of citizens.

The Council of Ministers has been tasked to define the procedure for tolling the tax from citizens within half a year, ensure the harmonization of the legislation with the decree and undertake other necessary measures.

Tax inspection will have to ensure the control over the payments of the “unemployed tax”.

Region executive committees have to ensure that the decree is implemented in respective regions.