16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:45

Prosecution agencies and Internal Ministry cover each other's back


Investigative bodies refuse to launch a probe against a judge for forging a signature.

Charter97.org org learnt it from reader.

“I already reported about forging my signature by officers of the Slutsk city court. Almost a year has passed. I filed a request to the Prosecutor General's Office asking to open a criminal case over signature forgery. The Prosecutor General's Office resent the request to the Minsk regional prosecutor's office, which resent it to the Slutsk district prosecutor's office, which, in turn, resent it to the Slutsk police station,” the reader wrote.

The man stressed that the police refused to open a criminal case against the judge.

“They cover each other's back. They cover up their colleague. I wrote a complaint to the interior minister. The Ministry sent it to the police department, which finally said that the Slutsk police station's refusal to open a criminal case was illegal. I'd like to note that the illegal order declining to open a criminal case is a crime,” the reader said.