16 December 2018, Sunday, 0:49
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The opening of "Chizhovka Arena" postponed again


Lukashenka expressed his displeasure at delays in opening Minsk’s Chizhovka Arena.

He said it at the government session held on 15 October to discuss preparations for and the actual world ice hockey championship that will take place in Minsk in 2014.

Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutka noted that the first phase of Chizhovka Arena will be complete by 7 November while the entire facility will be commissioned by 15 December. In his words, the bulk of the work has been done and construction workers are about to complete finishing the facade of the building. Skate and ice rentals will available in the small arena as from 9 November. The general public will also be able to access the multipurpose hall then, too.

Lukashenka was extremely displeased by the delayed commissioning of Chizhovka Arena: “Three times you have promised me that you will get the facility commissioned by 7 November and have failed to fulfill your own promises! We have already moved the deadline! And you have come up with some staged commissioning! You are free to open the facility in three or five steps, whatever, but construction workers had to leave the place by 7 November”.

Chairman of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation Yevgeny Vorsin said that all the technical requirements for hosting games of the world ice hockey championship were agreed during an inspection visit of representatives of the International Ice Hockey Federation in August. The foreign experts believe that Minsk Arena meets the highest international standards.

The operation of all departments and the technological equipment of Chizhovka Arena will be tested during the Christmas Ice Hockey Tournament for the prize of the Belarus President and during the national ice hockey tournament Golden Puck for the prize of the head of state. The tournaments will be held in conditions similar to those of the world ice hockey championship.