23 January 2018, Tuesday, 20:56

Brest customs officers confiscated $27 thousand from Moscow businessman


Customs officers stopped the attempt to illegally take foreign currency across the border.

The law violators appeared to be a 26-year old director of a Moscow firm and a 42-year old unemployed, Brest customs office’s press-service reports.

At the customs point Brest-Central while approaching the train Brest-Terespol the two Russian citizens chose the green corridor for crossing the border, which is meant for the people, carrying private use goods not to be declared.

However, as a result of a customs inspection foreign currency was found among the personal belongings of the Russians in the amount of over $10 thousand, which is allowed to be carried with declaring.

Thus, the 26-year old director of a firm in Moscow had 870 thousand Russian roubles on him, which amounted to over $27 thousand according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The 42-year old unemployed citizen was carrying over €10 thousand.

Thus, the 550 thousand Russian roubles and €3080, which respectively exceeded the set limit, were confiscated by the customs office until the court’s decision. The customs office has started administrative procedure against the owners of the money in accordance to part 2 of the article 14.5 of the Code on Administrative Violations of the Republic of Belarus. The article provides for the sanction of a fine from 5 to 30 basic units and the confiscation of the non-declared cash in the amount exceeding the allowed limit.