22 January 2018, Monday, 21:18

Belarusians must prepare for car tax


A car tax will include taxes on ecology, parking lots and space.

Experts proposed to impose a car tax in Belarus in the article “Take Post”.

“People should understand that a car is a hazardous instrument both for space and ecology. People must pay for it,” Armen Sardarov, the dean of the Architectural Faculty of Belarusian National Technical University, said during a discussion of parking lots with Savetskaya Belorussia newspaper. “I think a car tax must include taxes on ecology, parking lots and the public space occupied by a vehicle.”

“It is a matter of health for every resident. Those who have met the situation when car owners warm up their cars every morning in the yard understand it. You cannot breathe there. But you cannot explain anything to car owners. They know just one thing: they park their cars here, so they will warm them up here, not in another place,” Armen Sardarov explained his proposal to impose an additional tax.

We remind that the municipal authorities put forward an initiative of imposing a car tax in 2009.

“We need a car tax in Minsk,” then chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Mikalai Ladutska said. “There are about 500,000 cars in the city. Car owners spend an average of 200,000 rubles a month on fuel, or 1 or 2 million a year. Let's collect at least 60,000-70,000 rubles from every car owner and we'll get 30 or 40 million annually.”

Mikalai Ladutska proposed yesterday to encourage Minsk residents to pay for parking lots construction.

Photo: bymedia.net