17 January 2018, Wednesday, 22:54

Pavel Seviarynets: Lukashenka's bankers shouldn't have open door to Europe

European politeness yields to the Belarusian regime's brutality.

Pavel Seviaryents, a co-chairman of the organising committee to create the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, comments on the latest decision by the European Union on extending sanctions against official Minsk. The former political prisoner noted that the blacklists were updated, Belorusski Partizan reports.

“The decision of the European Union is not a good one. It shows that the EU still doesn't have a strategy on Belarus and doesn't know how to treat the Belarusian regime. The decision doesn't help democratisation of our country. But it is we, Belarusians, who are responsible for the Belarusian situation. We cannot say to Europe what it should or shouldn't do. We can only evaluate the effectiveness of these or those steps,” Pavel Seviarynets said.

The politician emphasises that it is a bad signal to open the door to Europe for Lukashenka's bankers if there are no changes in Belarus and political prisoners are still in jails.

“European politicians are ready to give up their principles for the imaginary pragmatism (there's no real pragmatism in these decisions). The regime's formula 'wait a little and be impudent' works. Criminal methods of the Belarusian regime work with Europe. European politeness yields to the regime's brutality,” Pavel Seviarynets said.

We remind that the European Union yesterday extended sanctions against official Minsk for a year. The list of persons and entities banned from entering the EU and subject to a freeze of the assets in Europe was updated. The EU sanctions are imposed on 232 persons and 25 entities. Earlier, the blacklist included 30 companies and 242 officials and oligarchs.