21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:20

Authorities prepare large-scale raids against market vendors


Mass inspections will be carried out at markets this weekend.

State controlling bodies will look for violations in implementation of the resolutions of the ministries and the Customs Union's technical regulations on light industry products safety on November 1-3, BelaPAN news agency quotes Viachaslau Pilipuk, a businessman from Minsk and a member of the organisation Perspective.

The Ministry of Trade of Belarus and the State Standartisation Committee agreed in July 2013 that before November 1 the controlling bodies would not check light industry products sold by small businessmen in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union's technical regulations on safety of light industry products. Sellers are supposed to show the supporting documents confirming that the goods were bought in the Customs Union.

Pilipuk says that Perspective received many phone calls from anxious businessmen from Maladzechna, Baranavichy, Svetlahorsk, Vaukavysk, Hrodna and other towns on October 31. People said they were invited to visit the local standartisation offices.

“They were informed that a large-scale raid on points of sale would be carried out from November 1 till November 3,” Pilipuk says. “Inspectors will check how the regulations are implemented, check supporting documents and everything having relation to the Customs Union's technical regulations on light industry. Officers of the Standartisation Committee and market authorities are already holding a check in Hrodna.”

He says that sellers will be given instructions to correct the deficiencies and results of the raid will be discussed at a meeting in the government on November 4.

Many market vendors decided not to work for three days of checks fearing fines and seizure of goods. “Many people say if inspectors punish them, they will stop working,” Pilipuk emphasised.

The problems of implementation of the regulations on safety of light industry products will be discussed in Minsk at a forum of small businessmen “Technical regulations of the Customs Union (certification). Belarusian issue” on November 4.

The technical regulations of the Customs Union on light industry products took effect on July 1, 2012. To a gradual transition to common regulations, it was allowed in the Customs Union until January 1, 2013, to produce and sell the goods that were unliable to compulsory conformity assessment prior to the entry of the technical regulations into force. In Belarus, this period was extended until July 1, 2013, for small businessmen who pay a fixed tax.