21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:14

Issue of walks for Baumgertner not solved


Lawyers visit Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertnet, who is under house arrest in Minsk, every day.

RIA Novosti learnt it on Friday from one of the lawyers.

“We visit him almost every day. There are no obstacles,” he said adding that Baumgertner felt fine and didn't complain about conditions.

The lawyer says it has not been decided yet whether Baumgertner can go for walks and use the internet. The issue of a meeting between lawyers and top officials of the Prosecutor General's office wasn't solved either.

Baumgertner, who is under house arrest now, was detained in Minsk in late August after the breakup between Uralkali and Belaruskali. He was thrown into the KGB jail. The Belarusian authorities later placed Uralkali's co-owner Suleiman Kerimov on the international wanted list. Aliaksandr Lukashenka said Baumgertner could be extradited to Russia if his case were investigated in due order.

Photo: RIA Novosti.