20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:19

Five days in custody for “Belarus without dictatorship”


A man from Stoubtsy was sentenced to a short term in custody for a T-shirt with the slogan “For Belarus without dictatorship”.

Leanid Smouzh was tried today in the Leninski district court in Minsk. The activist was accused of resisting police officers. The court decision was taken by judge Nadzeya Navitskaya, Radio Svaboda reports. The police officers, who detained the participant of a memorial procession to Loshytsa on November 10, gave false evidence. The activist appeared at the rally in the T-shirt “ For Belarus without dictatorship”.

Leanid Smouzh said before the rally that he didn't belong to any political party. The man said he wore the T-shirt “For Belarus without dictatorship” to protest against injustice – he cannot find a job for the last few years.