22 January 2018, Monday, 1:41

Truck drivers about BelToll: Fines of thousands of euros for nothing


Belarusian truck drivers complain about the new toll system.

Belarusian truckers claim they receive information about the charged fines with a long delay. They often don't know why they were fined. Some drivers learnt they must pay thousands of euros, Polskie Radio reports.

Belarusian truck drivers and foreign drivers must pay for using the improved roads since August 1.

The toll system is based on using on-board units (OBU) that can be obtained on deposit at certain petrol stations or customer service points, for example, near the border. Drivers are required to make appropriate advance payment for using the specified roads. The electronic toll collection system automatically withdraws money from the driver’s OBU user account when drivers pass through a gantry. Drivers must control their account balance.

Police patrols with electronic devices allowing to check if the driver's OBU is turned on are working on toll roads. Fines for violations are very high.