17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:18

Yarmoshyna decides “not to deceive people with good-looking pink syrup”


The head of the Central Election Commission of Belarus (CEC) admitted that the amendments to the Electoral Code were far from the OSCE/ODIHR standards.

Lidzia Yarmoshyna said it commenting on the proposed amendments, Interfax news agency reports.

“The OSCE/ODIHR saw the draft amendments. I don't want to deceive you with good-looking pink syrup. It's not what they expect. They expect something different,” she said in Minsk on Friday introducing the draft law on amendments to the electoral legislation to the “council of the republic”.

“They expect changes in the procedures of formation of the Central Election Commission. They want political parties to perform this function,” she said. Yarmoshyna reminded that the issue was formalised by the country's constitution and lied within the competence of Lukashenka. “It can be changed only by referendum,” the CEC head said.

“The OSCE doesn't like a ban on election boycott,” she continued. Yarmoshyna emphasised that the ban “complies with the convention on election standards in the CIS countries”.

The CEC chairperson said draft law “contains some provisions that comply with the OSCE recommendations following the election results, for example, that the media are not allowed to focus on one particular candidate and promote him or her”.

Yarmoshyna underlined that the process of specifying standards of the electoral legislation was permanent. “There are proposals after every campaign. It's possible that we will have to amend the electoral legislation in future. It will help improve the electoral process,” she said.

Photo: BelTA