19 January 2018, Friday, 12:18

Military cargo for Belarusian plant detained at Russian customs


An employee of a Belarusian aircraft-repair plant was carrying spare parts for the Su-27 aircraft.

Charter97.org learnt it from the Russian Federal Customs Service.

The illegal cargo was found in Smolensk. A Belarusian citizen working as a forwarding agent for a Belarusian aricraft-repair plant travelled on a train from Russia to Belarus. His baggage wasn't usual.

Four items – parts of the altitude equipment for military aircraft of Su-27 type – were found in the boxes belonging to the forwarding agent. The items are classified as military products (spare parts for military equipment).

“The export of such products from the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with the decisions of the President of Russia, the Government of Russia or the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation under the licences issued by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. The man didn't have the necessary documents. The goods were purchased from a Moscow company under the waybill,” the Federal Customs Service reports.

The results of the check show that the company didn't have legal grounds to sell military products abroad and didn't have a licence permitting to export military products from the Russian Federation.

Considering sufficient evidence for an offence under part 3 of article 30 and part 1 of article 226 of the Criminal Code of Russia, the Smolensk customs opened a criminal case. The investigation is under way to figure out all details of the case and found the persons guilty. Punishment will be set by a court.