23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:03

Swedish prosecutor’s office closed book on “teddy bear case”


No evidence has been found proving that the Swedish pilots committed a crime.

A prosecutor Lars Hedvall reported about that to the Aklagarmyndigheten web-site.

“We cannot prove that the said people committed a crime”, - he said.

Two people were involved as suspects into the “teddy bear case”. They were suspected of violating the Act on Foreigners. One of them could have been also accused of violating the legislation on aviation.

We would remind that in the morning on 4 July 2012 a light civil jet, piloted by two citizens of Sweden, crossed the border of Belarus coming from Lithuania and dropped teddy bears onto Minsk and Ivianiec with calls for the freedom of press in the country. Belarus’ KGB started a criminal case on the fact of the illegal border crossing, two citizens of Belarus were detained. Subsequently they were released with the recognizance not to leave.

Belarus’ KGB closed books on the “teddy bear case” only in July this year.