20 January 2018, Saturday, 14:19

Police dispersed gathering on occasion of Days of Heroes

The detained were interrogated for several hours.

Policemen broke into the Palace of Culture in the village of Kazlovichy near Slutsk in the evening yesterday, Radio Svaboda reports.

A representative of law enforcement agencies Dzmitry Shklareuski explained that the event’s organizer Zinaida Cimoshyk “did not have an authorization for the meeting”.

“Policemen held interrogations for over two hours, having divided by three in four or five rooms of the Palace of Culture. Some of them stood at the door to the assembly room in order to take people for interrogations and not let anyone escape”, - a gathering’s participant reported. She told that policemen tried to learn from the people, among whom there were many seniors, whether the meeting had a political aspect.

A historian from Minsk Nina Stuzhhynskaja was invited to the event. She planned to show the film “40 days of peasant republic”. Stuzhhynskaja was involved in the creation of this documentary, which had already been shown on ONT TV channel.

“We are ashamed of the ignorance of the authorities”, - Stuzhhynskaja commented on the actions of the Slutsk police.

On 27 November 1920 combat operations started between BPR’s Slutsk regiments and Red Army’s military units. Belarusian patriots celebrate this day as the Day of Heroes.

The end of the war between Soviet Russian and Poland gave an opportunity to renew the fight for Belarus’ independence. In the territories, left by Polish troops but not yet taken by Bolsheviks, local authorities were formed. In November 1920 Slutsk council was created. It proclaimed the restoration of authority of Belarusian People’s Republic. By the council’s decision the formation of military unit of the locals was started.

Battles between the squadron, formed majorly of peasants of Slutsk distrct, and Bolsheviks lasted for nearly a month. The situation in the front was changed only by the decision to throw additional Red Army units to the Belarusian front from central Russia. In late December 1920 the insurgents had to draw back to the territory of Western Belarus, controlled by Polish troops.

Slutsk military resistance became an example for many other residents of the country. Belarusians kept partisan struggle against Bolsheviks even after the Red Army took the territory of Slutsk district.