24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:05

Siamashka defeated at oil talks


The talks on Russian oil supply were postponed until December.

Deputy prime minister of the two countries – Uladzimir Siamashka and Arkady Dvorkovich – discussed the oil contract for the next year and the implementation of integration projects, the press release on the Russian government's website says.

“Arkady Dvorkovich, the deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, and Belarusian first deputy prime minister Uladzimir Siamashka discussed the implementation of integration projects of the two countries. They discussed progress in the cooperation between OAO Roselektronika and OAO Integral, Rostec State Corporation and Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

Oil and oil products supplies in 2013 and 2014 were discussed at the meeting.

Arkady Dvorkovich and Uladzimir Siamashka agreed to hold another meeting in December,” the official press release says.

It became known two days ago that Belarus would get only 20 million tonnes of Russian oil this year instead of requested 23 million tonnes. Minsk counts to receive the maximum volume of Russian oil next year, Russian minister of energy Alexander Novak told journalists. He noted the possible volume of supplies wasn't yet set by Russia.

The Belarusian deputy PM said in late October that Minsk hoped to get 23 million tonnes of Russian oil in 2014.

Russia refused to sign the annual oil contract for 2013 with Belarus fearing that Belarus could resume the illegal export of solvents and thinners. The countries sign oil contracts each quarter this year. Belarusian refineries received 5.75 million tonnes of oil per quarter.

Under the oil agreement, Belarusian refineries process Russian oil and return oil products to Russia by selling them via commodity exchange.