19 January 2018, Friday, 0:35

Russia cut oil shipments to Belarus nearly by half


With the potash war in the background Russia has nearly cut by half oil shipments to Belarus as compared to August 2013.

According to the central control department of the fuel and energy sector of the Russian Federation, Russia shipped 1.115 million tons of oil to Belarus in October, which is 26.8% and 40% less than in September (1.521 million tons) and August (1.85 million tons) respectively.

The reduction in oil shipments to Belarus started in September after the respective warning on the part of Russia’s vice-Prime Minister Dvorkovich in response to the arrest of Uralkali’s director general Vladislav Baumgertner in Minsk and the attempt of the Belarusian authorities to proclaim top-managers and the founder of the Russian company internationally wanted, AFN reports.

In October 587.6 thousand tons of oil were delivered to the refinery in Mozyr (including 65.8 thousand by the railway), Naftan (the refinery in Navapolatsk) received 527.7 thousand tons.