20 January 2018, Saturday, 16:05

Hrodna official's son to answer for affray at Pryvalka border checkpoint

After articles in the media, the prosecutor's office of the Hrodna region opened a criminal case over disorderly conduct at the border checkpoint Pryvlaka.

“A Hrodna resident was crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus at Pryvalka checkpoint on August 31. He began to quarrel with another driver and hit his car several times causing damage. He then hit the driver with the car's bumper and continued to move with him on the hood. The driver had minor injuries.

In accordance with results the inquiry by the Hrodna police department, it was decided not to open a criminal case against the above mentioned person for causing intentional damage to property.

The inquiry showed that actions by R. had signs of disorderlyconduct. In this regard, the prosecutor's office of the Hrodna region cancelled the decision not to open an a criminal case and opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 339 of the Criminal Code Belarus (disorderly conduct), the press release of the Prosecutor General's Office says.

The case was sent for investigation to the Hrodna interdistrict department of the Investigation Committee.

We remind that the driver of an Audi Q7, who intentionally hit a man at the border checkpoint Pryvalka, is the son of a high-ranking official of the Hrodna region. His father came to the checkpoint to talk to the road police after the incident. Before the incident received wide media coverage, the injured person was said the case was closed for lack of evidence.

Photo: tutgrodno.com