24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:02

Maksim Bahdanovich museum in Minsk to be closed

People protest against closing the museum of the prominent Belarusian poet.

Uladzimir Arlou, Liavon Barshcheuski and other well-known public figures standing against the closure of the museum give a special press conference at 3 Chernyshevsky Street at 12 noon on December 11.

The news was spread by the press service of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party.

December 9, 2013, would have marked the 122nd birthday of Maksim Bahdanovich.

The literary museum of Maksim Bahdanovich is one of the best Minsk's museums. It was founded on July 23, 1981 in Trinity Suburb. The location of the museum is not occasional – the house, where the Belarusian poet was born, was located in Trayetskaya (Trinity) Street. The exposition was opened for public in 1991 on the occasion of Maksim Bahdanovich's 100th birthday. The museum collects, keeps, researches and promotes the heritage of the Belarusian poet. The exposition of about 11,000 objects presents the life and mental world of Bahdanovich.