22 January 2018, Monday, 3:12

Delayed wages and repression in Vitebsk railway section


Workers of the Vitebsk railway section were recommended to save money for a rainy day.

Charter97.org learnt it from a railway worker.

“I have been working for the Vitebsk railway section for five years. I saw different things, but we have never had delays in paying wages and salary advances. The company began to delay paying salary advances for two days at the beginning of 2013. Later, they began to delay wages systematically explaining that the company had taken loans and bought new carriages,” he said.

The reader stresses his colleague faced repression from his bosses after he had complained about the delays to the Minsk railway division.

“Delays didn't stop after the complaint. But workers were said they would have problems if they continued to complain. The head of the Vitebsk railway section said at a meeting wages wouldn't grow and recommended to save money for a rainy day,” the worker complaints.

We remind that a reader of our website wrote a month ago about problems at Belarusian Railways, the national railway operator. He reported the company had reduced wages and introduced a four-day working week.

It's worth noting that Belarus faced a deficit of locomotive crews, especially train drivers. Salaries of drivers were reduced twofold after the 2011 ruble devaluation. They began to move to Russia to work. The authorities took strict measures to stop the exodus of train drivers – they have to give their driving licences for destruction to be able to quit.