19 January 2018, Friday, 14:36

Santa for dictator


Suddenly Lukashenka has got a Christmas present from none other than the US.

US Secretary of State John Carry called the violent treatment of peaceful demonstrators in Kyiv "disgusting".

The American Department of State clearly expressed its support for the people of Ukraine and their rightful demands. The world community insists that the violent crackdown on peaceful Ukrainians is investigated and those behind it are punished.

Three years after the assaults on peaceful demonstrators on December 19, 2010, mass arrests and prison terms, envoy from the same State Department of the US Eric Rubin arrived in Minsk to offer a constructive cooperation to the dictator. Moreover, he promised that the US will assist Belarus in getting new loans from the IMF, in case the situation with human rights improves - in other words, if hostage trade resumes. Suddenly Lukashenka has got what he has been working for since December 19, 2010: if the West resumes this kind of human trafficking, he can take new hostages and trade them for money, a scarce resource for maintaining the work of punitary institutions.

Initially, the visit of the Deputy Assistance Secretary was scheduled for October, before the summit in Vilnius. The visit was postponed in order to wait for the outcome of the summit. The rebellion in Ukraine is directly connected to the summit in Vilnius. Ukrainians do not wish to be ruled by liars and fight for their European future. Belarusians want the same. The US has shown solidarity with the Ukrainian nation, and at the same time it sent a high official to Minsk for contacts with the illegitimate powers guilty of using violence against the peaceful demonstration of December 19, 2010, as well as other crimes.

Suddenly, the dictator has got a Christmas gift from non other than the US, the leader of the free world. The Belarusian people have also received a peculiar present, right before the anniversary of the violent break-up of the Square.

Andrei Sannikov for charter97.org