18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:28

More taxes – fatter deputies


Belarusians protest against new requisitions.

Writings “No to car tax”, “More taxes – fatter deputies”, “Authorities rob people” were made on the walls of buildings in Homiel, the revbel.org web-site reports.

Protest graffiti appeared in Minsk before the weekend too. “In the night on 23 December Minsk anarchists held an action of solidarity with the comrades detained at the action Stop-Tax. Opposite the building of the court of Minsk’s Central district a writing was made “The harder your repressions – the more furious our resistance”. With this action we wanted to support the detained and emphasize that the repressions would not stop us”, - the initiators of the actions say.

The actions Stop-Tax against the introduction of a car duty took place on 20 December in many cities of Belarus. In Minsk it was the largest in numbers. Car owners residing in the capital blocked the tragic in Niezalezhnasci Avenue for almost an hour. The action was supported by hundreds of pedestrians.

We would remind that the amount of the duty to be paid will differ depending on the type and weight of the vehicle. It will amount to 3 to 25 basic units, including a car duty for natural persons from 3 to 10 basic units. The duty is to be paid independently before taking a vehicle checkup.

According to the Finance Ministry, the tax income will amount to 1.6 trillion roubles. The funds will be evenly distributed into the state and local budgets and be used for repairing and building road.