19 January 2018, Friday, 10:17

Ukrainian border guards demand of Belarusians to declare non-participation in EuroMaydan

Misfortunes continue of the Belarusian activists, who went to Kiev to support Ukrainians in EuroMaydan.

At night the bus with activists was detained mean Marjina Horka. Within three hours they were picked up by cars on the road to Minsk or Kiev.

Most activists reached Homiel by train. Today in the morning an activist of the European Belarus civic campaign Maksim Viniarski informed the charter97.org web-site of the following: “In Homiel everyone had their passport data put down. I managed to escape, but after we boarded the bus, policemen came in and put down the names again. The official motivation behind that: robbery, the instruction prescribed to inspect everyone… Now we are at the border on a bus to Chernihiv…”

However, the misfortunes of the Belarusians did not end with crossing the border with Ukraine. Now they have new complications emerged already in the Ukrainian territory.

Maksim Viniarski reports: “Ukrainian border guards gathered all Belarusians and sent them for a “conversation and briefing” in groups of four. They will demand to sign declarations that we will not violate the law… This is wild. They are filming it, asking who you are, where you are going, what you will be doing…”

The activists are interrogated one by one, are summoned into a room with the conversation being filmed. They demand to sign a declaration of non-participation in mass events.