22 January 2018, Monday, 19:37

European Belarus activists accused of insulting Belarusian ruble


A correspondent of the newspaper owned by the Brest city executive committee demands to punish participants of the performance “Stop printing wrappers”.

He filed a complaint to the police asking to bring to responsibility European Belarus activists involved in the performance and owners of Virtual Brest website.

The performance was held in March last year.

As charter97.org reported, activists of European Belarus civil campaign scattered  banknotes of 10 and 100 rubles with the text “Stop printing wrappers. SHOS” on Savetskaya Street. Information about the event appeared on the website of BelaPAN news agency and was later republished by Virtual Brest website.

A correspondent of official newspaper Brestski Vestnik, Uladzimir Minevich, was so outraged that he left insulting comments relating to the European Belarus activists and journalist Milana Kharytonava, who covered the event. She appealed to the police and figured out who stands behind the insults.

Milana Kharytonava filed a lawsuit against the Brestski Vestnik correspondent to protect her honour and dignity. Four trials were already held. The court proceedings have been suspended and a linguistic analysis was appointed. The analysis will be performed by an expert of the philological faculty of Brest State University, where Minevich studied. The expert doesn't have a license to perform this kind of activity. Kharitonava filed a motion to appoint an independent linguistic expert with a license, but it was dismissed by judge Tatyana Isayeva.

Minevich launched another attack and appealed the Maskouski district police department asking to bring everyone who heard about or was involved in the performance to responsibility for “the actions denigrating honour and dignity of citizens in the form of  public mockery of the national currency during an unsanctioned event.”