18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:38

Dzmitry Shchyhelski: Dictator is sick and needs to be isolated


The famous Belarusian psychiatrist stated that when making a speech in New York.

It took place on 10 February 2013, Polskie radio reports.

Dzmitry Shchyhelski confirmed that he still considers correct the diagnosis that he made for Lukashenka in 2001. According to him, other specialists in psychiatry agree with his conclusions, including ones in Belarus, Russia and other countries.

Doctor Shchyhelski made first public speech on this issue since the publication of his scandalous article “The history of Illness of Aliaksandr Lukashenka” in 2001. Right after the publication he had to leave Belarus together with his family, since the representatives of the authorities directly threatened him that they “would catch him even in Amazonia jungle”. Dzmitry Shchyhelski received political asylum in the USA, however he did not participate in civic activities until recently.

He believes that the condition of Lukashenka has gone worse in the past years and the illness will only progress further with age, crating even greater danger as for the close circle of the Belarusian ruler as well as for the whole Belarusian society.

“I feel for him, - the psychiatrist notes. – The world that he lives in is indeed very tough, and he suffers a lot”.

Answering the question of what recommendations he would give as a psychiatrist and specialist, doctor Shchyhelski said that for people like Lukashenka isolation and forced treatment are needed, since this person is dangerous to himself as well as to others.

The people. Present at the meeting, also asked questions about Lukashenka’s influence on his family, particularly, his sons Kolia and Viktar. Doctor Shchyhelski refused to comment on this, referring to the lack of material for analysis, having noted however that what is happening t Kolia is incorrect from the pedagogical point of view and may have dangerous consequences for the dictator’s son.