18 January 2018, Thursday, 12:57

“Poor” officials have seen dramatic salary increase


Vice-Prime Ministers and ministers of the Republic of Belarus as well as other officials received a significant bonus to their ministerial salaries.

The bonus came from a dramatic increase of the payment amounts at the “second job” – a representative of the state in the governing bodies of an economic entity.

According to the decree No 74 as of 8 February 2013, the norms of reward for officials for supervision over an enterprise were increased from 6 to 20 basic units per quarter with the enterprise’s profitability of 10% inclusive; from 9 to 25 basic units - with the profitability from 10 to 15% inclusive; from 15 to 45 basic units – with the profitability from 15 to 25% inclusive; from 18 to 55 basic units – with the profitability over 25%, AFN reports.

The officials, representing the state’s interests in banks, will see the largest increase – the norm has been raised from 25 to 75 basic units per quarter.