22 September 2017, Friday, 16:14

Khvedar Niunka: I cannot enter my motherland because I openly oppose the regime


The head of the Belarusian Culture Society in Vilnius does not hope to receive the answer to the question why he was refused a Belarusian visa.

A member of the BPR Council’s Presidium, head of the Belarusian Culture Society in Vilnius, legendary Khvedar Niunka gave an interview to Salidarnasc.

It is hard to believe that this strong, active person with incredibly lively eyes will turn 85 this year. Khvedar Niunka has been living in Vilnius since 1943, but he remained a Belarusian. Thanks to his efforts memorials were put on the graves of  prominent Belarusian figures in Vilnius, memorial shields were established to commemorate Francysk Skaryna, Kastus Kalinouski, Yanka Kupala ans other famous compatriots. At the end of the last year Khvedar Niunka was refused an entry visa to Belarus.  

- Several days ago I met the Belarusian ambassador to Lithuania Drazhyn, but we did not talk. It happened at the opening of a memorial shield to Yanka Kupala, - the interlocutor says. – The Union of Belarusians of the World Batskaushchyna addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order for them to explain why I was refused a visa. I think there will be no response to that.

Niunka himself believes that he was made not allowed to enter his motherland for openly opposing the regime and stands on the grounds of radical changes, which should happen in Belarus so it becomes a European country, but not a pariah to the whole world as it is happening today.