24 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:24

Lukashenka brought about transport collapse in Sochi


The traffic jam, caused by blocking the road because of the dictator’s arrival to Sochi, stretched for 20 kilometers.  

The local information agency Sochi-24 reports of the incident.

As the agency notes, in the morning on 12 February the editorial office saw a squal of complaints on the giant traffic jam. Tourists and the employees of the companies located in Krasnaya Poliana and Esto-Sadok stuck in the traffic jam for 2-4 hours.

We would remind that Lukashenka has arrived to Sochi on the invitation of Vladimir Putin. It is planned that Lukashenka will examine “sporting and other facilities of the infrastructure, visit international competitions and have a number of working meetings in Sochi”. The dictator will have a short vacation there as well.