19 January 2018, Friday, 12:16

Protests against infill development in Brest


About 50 Brest residents attended a gathering to protest against construction of a new residential building.

Dwellers of a residential district in the city centre don't want a 7-storey building to be constructed in their yard, Euroradio reports.

There are plans to build a new apartment block between lower buildings on the place of a demolished boiler station on Karbyshev Street. Local dwellers filed complaints to different agencies. The regional executive committee ordered officials to gather people and explain the situation to them.

“They listen to us, but officials cannot understand us. They hear us, but only say 'residential building, we'll construct, infill development'. The main reason why I protest against the construction is that it will leave no place for our children to play. There's no place for it here,” Alyaksandr Kasyanchuk said at the gathering.

Residents complain they will have traffic and parking problems. Moreover, the children's playground will be moved to another place and the green space will be destroyed.

Officials say the population density in this city district is “50% below the standards”. They threaten to recover costs of the boiler station demolition from the protesters. They say there were complaints about the “plague spot and shelter for homeless people”, as local dwellers called the boiler station.  An investor pulled it down on a condition of construction a residential building. If people don't want the building to be constructed, they must pay more than a billion of rubles for the demolition.