22 January 2018, Monday, 11:08

Corruption in the president’s executive office: everyone steals


The officials from Lukashenka’s executive office were busted for fraud and Blue Spruces stealing.

The investigatory committee of Belarus on the request of Radio Svaboda provided them with the information on the three criminal cases, linked to the activities of Lukashenka’s executive office.

The department of the Investigatory Committee for Minsk has started the case against the deputy head of the chief department for the diplomatic corps service and official delegations Dipservice.

The official is suspected of stealing planting stock of Blue Spruce, which he subsequently sold. The amount of the loss is a little more than 1 million 400 thousand roubles.

The investigatory Committee is also investigating the cases of the agreement on a subcontract for the reconstruction of the building of the Soviet of the Republic.  The chief department for capital construction of the Lukashenka’s executive office was the customer in the deal.

The essence of the both crimes is that the payment documents had the amounts stated obviously increasing the real value of the works, and also the information of the works which were never actually carried out. From that is follows that incorrect data were put in the official documents.

Budget losses are 450 and 300 million roubles respectively.

The heads and employees of the subcontracted firms are suspected of the crimes.

The Investigatory Committee is also verifying the version of the involvement of officials from department for capital construction of the Lukashenka’s executive office in the fraud, they reported in the Investigatory Committee.