23 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:28

Witnesses on Varlamau’s case are under pressure

The hearing on the fashion designer Aliaksandr Varlamau resumed in the court of Minsk’s Lenin district on 13 February.

A designer’s sister Ryma told Radio Svaboda that the court is listening to the witnesses of the case:

“If I am not mistake, they have questioned seven witnesses today. Some of them started changing their testimonials. Almost all the witnesses told about the pressure on them on the part of the investigators. Tomorrow that court proceedings will resume at 1o a.m. And witnesses will be questioned again. There are 800 of them on this case.

My brother does not feel well. I looked for the necessary medicines for him”.

We would remind that Varlamau was accused of fraud on especially large scale (part 4 of the article 209 of the Criminal Code), theft by the means of power abuse on large scale (part 3 of the article 210), appropriation of property (part 2 of the article 211), tax evasion (part 1 of the article 243), power abuse (part 3 of the article 424).