17 January 2018, Wednesday, 16:17

Avtoradio: Ready to return on air even tomorrow


Avtoradio has not been working for the second year.

“A person who loves his job understands what it is when someone deprives him of the opportunity to work. It is perhaps more difficult than imprisonment,” radio station director Yury Bazan told Belsat TV in an interview.

On January 12, 2011, Avtoradio was ordered by the Ministry of Communication to stop using radio frequencies. The order to stop broadcasting was issued following the decision of the Republican Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting. The order was signed by commission head Aleh Pralyaskouski.

The official reason to close the radio station was “failure to follow the creative concept and spreading information with calls to extremist activity”. During the election campaign, Avtoradio aired pre-election ads of candidates Sannikov and Nyaklyaeu, in which they called to take to streets.

Another radio station, a state-owned one, uses Avtoradio's frequency today. It, however, cannot archive the popularity of its predecessor.