20 January 2018, Saturday, 14:27

Anastasiya Dashkevich: Authorities are schizophrenic


Why to allow something and wait for surprises when you can just forbid and have nothing to worry about?

This is how Anastasiya Dashkevich, the wife of a political prisoner Dzmitry Dashkevich, commented for the charter97.org web-site on the ban, imposed by Minsk city executive committee on the St. Valentine’s action with launching Chinese lanterns in the city center.

“The authorities are afraid of the expressions of any activity and everything they cannot control. And it is not important whether an event has a political implication or not at all. The dictatorship lives in fear that everything will go out of hands and beyond its control”, - the political prisoner’s wife noted.

She also emphasized that the ban indicates the lack of any positive changes.

“Minsk city executive committee understands that it is possible to give permission, but is that case there will be a need to surround the people with a lot of riot policemen, so no one attaches flags to the lanterns. The authorities live in the state of permanent schizophrenia. So it is easier to forbid and worry about nothing”, - Anastasiya Dashkevich concluded.

We would remind that Minsk city’s authorities forbad launching Chinese lanterns on St. Valentine’s Day.

Because of the prohibition, the action’s organizers decided to hold it in Druzhny settlement, 30 kilometers away from Minsk.