21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:08

Privatization lists is a crime against the nation


The selling of 800 Belarusian enterprises is a process of dividing the public property.

An economist Leanid Zaika stated that in an interview to Belarusian Partisan.

“This is an indicator that the today’s managerial elite is absolutely helpless and is ready to sell everything what their parents created”, - he stated.

“If someone thinks that this privatization is a good thing, then he is a complete fool. This is the process of dividing the public property! It is the deprivation of the Belarusian nation of the property and turning 95% Belarusian into hired workers”, - the economist believes.

“There are people in the ministry, who did not create this property, but they state that its sale will be very useful! The Minister of Economy finished school in 1989 and since 1991 almost not a single enterprise has been created in Belarus. How can he be in command of this property?! In fact, it is that Belarusian chubaises ”have prepared a list of the enterprises that they failed to managed”, - Zaika thinks.

“These lists are specific criminal cases to be filed against officials. Every enterprise listed there is a ground for instituting legal proceedings against officials, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economy etc. They were the ones who divided the public property, made it deteriorate. And now they want to get rid of it, blow their checks and make it looks like they are doing a good thing. People must be put in jail for such “good things”, - the economist is sure.

We would remind that at the end of the previous week the Ministry of Economy prepared a list of 800 enterprises which it is going to sell this year. Mostly the enterprises with the state’s share of less than 50% and the insolvent made it to the list.

“It is necessary to concentrate the efforts on developing the domineering enterprises, which deserve state’s management for real”, - this is how the Minister of Economy Mikalai Snapkou explained the creation of the list.