21 January 2018, Sunday, 19:51

Belarus health resort’s management arrested?


The head of the health resort Belarus, located in Sochi, and his deputies, who were called to Minsk several weeks ago, disappeared.

The staff of the Sochi Belarus health resort is disturbed and frightened. Several weeks ago the director of the health resort Grygoryj Sarakashysh and two of his deputies were called to Minsk allegedly to sign some papers and agree the plans for the currents year. They went there and… never came back to Sochi. Rumor has it that they are in one of the Belarusian jails, Narodnaya Volia reports.  

Although, they to the people, who work at the resort, they still tell that Sarakashysh and his deputies are on a long-term business trip. But the “peculiar business trip” is taking too laong…

An employee of the resort Iryna, who asked not to give her second name, told the newspaper that there were no sign of a storm coming. The director and his deputies were called to Minsk not for the first time. And here is the sensation: the other day a new head of the resort appeared – Uladzimir Ryzhankou.

The health resort Belarus in Sochi is subordinate to Lukashenka’s executive office. Recently a construction of new buildings started near the main building. May be this was the starting point in the case of the health resort’s managers, whose fate is yet unknown.

In the Investigatory Committee of the Republic of Belarus they told to the newspaper that they did not have a criminal case against the former director of the Sochi’s resort. The prosecutor’s office also denied their involvement in the scandal. In the KGB it is only the lifeline which responds.

We would note that in this case it is the matter of Russian citizens. May be they know anything about the fate of the former Belarus’ managers in the Russian embassy?

It turns out they know nothing either. They told the journalists that the consul was not called out to investigators on the case of the managers of the Belarusian health resort. This, though, does not tell anything: according to the procedure, if arrested people do not insist on the consul’s participation, no one should disturb him.

In the end, the newspaper called the department of socio-cultural sphere and tourism of Lukashenka’s executive office. The deputy head Aleh Mikhailau immediately sent the journalists away: “What are you looking for here? You would rather write something good about the health resort. I cannot yet officially tell anything about that…”

By the way, several days ago official information appeared about the institution of criminal cases against some people, linked to the executive office. But it is unknown whether Sarakashysh and his subordinates were the ones.

In the meanwhile, when in Sochi Aliaksandr Lukashenka on 15 February obliged the executive officer Viktar Sheiman to speed up the construction works in Sochi and Krasnaya Paliana. He said: “There is only one question: we need to finish the thing that we started, finish all these constructions. We must do everything to put the health resort in Sochi in order”. He did not say anything about the fate of the former managers of the health resort.