19 January 2018, Friday, 12:21

Riot on a club in Minsk: 40 gays detained

Last night in Minsk police in civilian burst into the Club 6A. The police checked passports and detained about 40 people to verify their identities.

All of them were taken to the police department. The police told the detained that the riot had been held to control the leader of the organization GayBelarus Siargei Andrasienka who, according to the police, “does the things he shouldn’t do.” Two weeks ago, at the passport control at the Polish-Belarusian border in Brest the customs police took Siargei Andrasienka’s passport and still haven’t left it back. One of the guests of the club, who demanded that the policemen represent themselves, was dragged to the police bus on the ground and got handcuffed to a seat.

According to the witnesses, the police treated the detained men and women coarsely. None of them could use a telephone and the policemen said the detained would be kept in the police department till evening. We remind that several police riots on gay and lesbian parties in Minsk and Vitsiebsk were organized in January.