21 January 2018, Sunday, 0:00

Striking sole traders may be barred from going abroad


Homel sole traders may be banned to leave the country if they don't pay rental payments on time.

On February 19, Sole traders working  in Secret shopping centre in Homel received a notice from NP-Service company in response to their discontent over the increased rental fees, naviny.by reports.

It should be reminded that sole traders in Secret shopping centre protested against the  increasing rental fees on February 19. The lessor, NP-Service company, informed that the rental payment would rose 1.4-2.5 fold on March 1.

The shopping centre owner didn't attend the meeting of sole traders, but sent a written notice to on February 19 reading that “all negotiations with the Council of sole proprietors are considered to be finished. The parties failed to reach an agreement on changing the rental fees.” The letter says that the terms were agreed with the lessees occupying 59.27% of the area.

According to the owner, the lessees occupying 4% of the shopping space applied for termination of agreements due to the increased rental fees. As other lessees did not exercise their right to terminate lease agreements, the lessor supposes they have agreed with the new rental fees. NP Service company informs sole traders about possible penalties for failure to pay on time or partial payments, court proceedings, court fees and “taking the measures to restrict the right of non-payers to leave Belarus”.

Sole traders are discussing their further steps. Many say they are ready for radical actions, including a strike or a hunger strike.