20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:19

Putin ignores Lukashenka in Sochi?


The Belarusian dictator returned from Sochi before meeting with Putin.

This conclusion can be made from the news on the official website of the Belarusian ruler.

“The president is expected to have a number of working meetings today,” the message reads, though yesterday the website informed about the “president's working visit to the Russian Federation”.

It doesn't seem possible to learn details as Lukashenka has not had a press secretary since February, udf.by reports.

Lukashenka probably got tired of waiting Putin in Sochi, moreover that the Russian president does not have plans to pay working visits to Sochi in the nearest days.

As for Lukashenka's rest, he did everything he planned during 10 days – visited the construction sites of Belarusian Olympic facilities, held a meeting on construction issues and skied.

A video of Lukashenka's fall on the slope was incredibly popular among Belarusian Internet users for two days.