23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:08

Detention for protection of Belarusian language


A sculptor Henik Lojka was detained in Minsk this morning.

He unrolled a banner saying “Congratulations on the Native Language Day. The gymnasium No 4 was the last one with the Belarusian language of teaching” near the porn of the capital’s gymnasium No 4, - Radio Svaboda reports.

Policemen observed these actions. Henik Lojka told journalists that the russification of education is taking place. As an example he gave the fact that last year there were changes made in the statute of the Belarusian language gymnasium No 4, which allowed teaching in Russian. In some later Lojka ended the picketing and went away. Later the sculptor managed to tell on the phone that he was detained.

Lojka was taken to Minsk Frunze district’s police department.