24 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:43

Raman Yakauleuski: Putin doesn't miss Lukashenka


A decision not to invite the Belarusian ruler to the G20 Summit as the head of the country holding the CIS chairmanship proves that he is not needed in Saint Petersburg.

Political observer Raman Yakauleuski talks to charter97.org about the refusal to invite the Belarusian dictator to the G20 Summit.

“The summit will gather heads of state and representatives of international organisations. It's possible that Lukashenka was not invited as the head of Belarus, but it's strange that he wasn't invited as the chairman of the CIS. It's now known that the Commonwealth of the Independent States will be represented by Kazakhstan,” the political observer noted.

The expert drew attention to the fact that Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov promised ahead of the summit to apply all efforts to give Belarus the status of an observer of the Northern Dimension international project.

“It was finally decided that Belarus would not represent even this organisation, because it is not a country of the Baltic region, and the Belarusian ruler quarrelled with Sweden. The move can be described as elegant diplomatic derision. These facts mean that Putin doesn't miss Lukashenka,” Raman Yakauleuski said.

It should be reminded that the Belarusian dictator was not invited to the G20 Summit in Saint Petersburg.

Besides the G20 heads of state and governments, six so called outreach countries and  international organisations, including the CIS, were invited to the summit in St Petersburg.

Belarus holds the CIS chairmanship in 2013.