22 January 2018, Monday, 10:47

They lied again: Passports are still needed to use internet


Passport control remains valid in internet cafes despite the statements by the authorities.

They demanded a passport in all the places for public internet use, where the journalists of Euroradio went.

“The service is not provided without a document – Lukashenka’s decree. Nothing was abolished”, - a girl at the Main Post Office says a bit nervously.

At the office of Beltelecom in Engels street everything remained as it was before too: “I do not know, who wrote what, we did not have any order”.

At the internet café Sojuz-online the situation is the same – they need a passport or any other ID with a picture, even a library card will work.

“Nothing was abolished, now it is up to the company, - the explain the Council of Ministers’ resolution. – Our enterprise considered it necessary to keep the document check. They rather made a recommendation to us”.

“The point is that it is allowed with a passport and with another document. If a person comes without a passport, they do not have a right to demand a passport, they must register him with another document”, - they explain the situation at Beltelecom.

The Council of Ministers’ resolution No 1191 provides for other variants of users registration, for example, according to club cards, sms or by the means of photo and video registration. But it is also not obligatory. They are developing the possibility of a sms registration at Beltelecom. Other internet cafes may themselves decide which registration approach to use, when following the resolution.

In July 2010, when the decree No 60 came into force, any document with a photo was needed in order to use internet – a passport, student card or a driver’s license. It turns out that no changed have been made in the rules of internet use at the public access points.