16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:31

Fine of 30 penalty units for Wave of Solidarity

Vitebsk activists of the organising committee to create Belarusian Christian Democracy party Alyaksei Kishchuk and Stanislau Laurenau were fined 30 penalty units each.

The young men were detained on February 16 near Freedom Square in the city centre after they had hung a banner “Freedom for political prisoners” as part of the campaign Wave of Solidarity.

The trial was to be held on February 18, but it was postponed until February 21 after the detained activists demanded lawyers.

The BCD press service learnt from Tatyana Sevyarynets, a coordinator of the organising committee in Vitebsk, that a lawyer read the case and found a number of procedural faults made by police officers.

Kishchuk and Laurenau want to appeal against the court decision. Besides, the BCD activists filed a counterclaim against the policemen, who had detained them, for illegal placing them in a detention centre. They estimated their moral damage at 14,000 and 15,000 euros respectively.