17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:57

Chastiser were promoted to generals

The dictator handed in general’s shoulder straps to the representatives of the higher military staff.

In particular, Ihar Latsenkou and Aleh Dvigalou  were promoted to major generals, Mikalai Melchanka and Aliaksandr Barsukou – to police major generals, Genadz Lasuta – to a major general of internal service, BelTA reports.

The first deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee Siarhei Radnenka and the deputy chairman of the SCC Siarhei Paludzen were promoted to the state councilor of customs service of III rank. The deputy Prosecutor General Mikalai Kuklis was promoted to the state councilor of justice of 3rd class. Lukashenka congratulated the generals on acquiring the higher officer ranks. “A general – is a high title, and only a decent person can acquire it. I wish you to never disgrace the honor of this high title”, - the dictator said.

Some of the newly-made generals took active participation in repressions against Belarusian opposition.

Among them is Aliaksandr Barsukou, who is the head of the Minsk city executive committee’s police department, and formerly was the head of the punishment department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus and the first deputy head of the chief department of public order security and crime prevention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

Barsukou was personally present at all the protest actions in Belarus and was one of those who gave orders to disperse multiple demonstrations, which took place in recent years.

He was the one who cynically stated then more policemen then citizens suffered from the brutal crackdown on the 19 December protest in Minsk. Actually the number of citizens, beaten by police, counts in hundreds if not thousands. Almost all the people arrested during the demonstration were thrown in prisons with injuries.