20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:11

Explosion’s witness: Epicenter was in the living room

The gas equipment in the apartment in the block of flats in Sierabranka, where there was an explosion yesterday, was in order.

It is most likely that the epicenter was in the living room, but not in the kitchen, which suffered the least of the fire.

Aliaksandr Rabinski, a witness of the accident, told that to the charter97.org web-site. Aliaksandr Rabinski shared the details of the accident.

His apartment is located in the ninth floor – one away from the one where the explosion took place.

“At the moment of the explosion – it was approximately 16.45 – we were in the kitchen with family. The explosion was very powerful – the walls and windows were shaking, there was something like an explosion wave. I immediately heard cries for help. The neighbor who live between my apartment and the one where there was the explosion found himself blocked in his apartment because of the ceiling’s crush. Since we have adjoining balconies he managed to brake the fence between them and climb to mine”, - he tells.

Today in the morning the chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Mikalai Ladutska met the house’s residents. He failed to clearly explain the reason of what happened, however he told that the gas equipment was in due order, and the kitchen which was supposed to had suffered the most in the case of a gas explosion, was destroyed less than the other premises.

At the same time the witness of the explosion do not rule out that a gas tank could have exploded in the living room.

The representative of the authorities told that the works in the 9th and 10th entrances, which suffered the most from the explosion, will take two weeks.

They will have to actually build the 9th floor all over again.

“After that they will do the interior trim of the apartments. For the time of the renovation we were accommodated in the nearest hotel. Ladutska and other representatives of Minsk city executive committee promised that the renovation of the house will be paid for by the state. Now we can only wait”, - Aliaksandr Rabinski said.

We would remind that the explosion and the fire in the block of flats in Plakhanava street 85 took placeon 23 February. 25 specially equipped units were sent to the place of the accident, 11 ambulance brigades and an emergency brigade of the Minsk gas company. According to the Ministry of Emergencies, 9 people were rescued, 22 were evacuated, five people suffered insignificantly, one citizen was taken to a hospital with a combustion products poisoning. Two burnt bodies were found in one of the apartment hit by the fire.