22 January 2018, Monday, 7:40

Viktar Ivashkevich: Regime will collapse if all of you take to streets

A press conference to discuss celebration of Freedom Day was held in Minsk.

Viktar Ivashkevich, a coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign, told charter97.org about the aims of the rally in Minsk on occasion of the anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic.

“First of all, we will pay tribute to the memory of the brave people, who took personal responsibility for the country's fate 95 years ago. Let's remember that it happened in the conditions far more difficult than current ones. It was the time of the world and civil wars, when everybody could have been killed.

On March 24, we hold a street rally to show that we have thousands of people  in the country who honour the ideals of the BNR, a independent democratic European state that respects its citizens,” the politician said.

Viktar Ivashkevich stressed that the people standing for changes should “see one another, feel one another and look into one another's eyes to understand they are not alone”. He called to think how personal fate of every citizens depends on the future of the country.

“Only a free and independent Belarus can give everyone the opportunity to express their creative, economic or political initiative, have decent wages and a comfortable life. We should not fear personal responsibility for the country's future,” Ivashkevich said.

The politician called on all opposition supporters to join preparations for the rally.

“Stop expecting someone else to distribute leaflets and other information. Everyone is able to do it. Don't expect someone else to achieve changes. There are several hundreds of thousands of independent media readers in Belarus. If all of them take to streets, the regime will collapse,” the European Belarus campaign coordinator said.

An application for a rally in Minsk on March 24 on occasion of Freedom Day was filed to the Minsk city executive committee on February 20.

Participants of the rally are supposed to gather at noon near the central entrance of the Botanical Garden. They are expected to march to the Peoples' Friendship Park and have a demonstration there. The event is to end at 3:00 p.m.

The opposition marks Freedom Day annually to celebrate the anniversary of proclaiming Belarusian People's Republic's independence.