19 January 2018, Friday, 14:28

Military court to hear claim by Homel opposition activist


Uladzimir Syakerka filed a complaint with the military court against actions of border guards from military unit No. 1242.

He wants the State Border Committee to provide him with the information about the procedure and legal grounds for putting him on the “special database”, Radio Svaboda reports.

“When border guards from military unit No. 1242 took me off the train on my way from Chernihiv to Homel in October, they didn't explain why they did so. Finally, I read the report of a border guard and learnt that my name was on the “special database”. Earlier in September, I was detained in Hudahai on my way from Vilnius. I want to know why I was included in this database and how my name can be removed from it,” Uladzmir Syakerka said.

After the incident on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border Uladzimir Syakerka was fined 2 million rubles for failure to obey officials.